Adding an image
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7taps adapts to every screen to deliver the best possible experience to your course viewers.

Please note that some devices will display images differently because different screens have different aspect ratios.

  • Fullscreen: recommended resolution for background images is 720px x 1200px. Once you’ve added an image, click the fullscreen icon to turn it into a background for your card. Then you’ll be able to add text on top of it.

  • Images on the top or bottom of a card: recommended resolution for all other images is 720px x 400px. This way the image will take up approximately 1/3 of the card, leaving enough room for text.

  • Once you upload an image or pick one from the in-built libraries, you can slightly resize it by dragging the border up/down.

Make sure your content looks stunning on any device ❤️

  • Upload background or fullscreen images without text and then use 7taps to add any text on top of them. Images that have text already embedded will likely appear blurry, distorted, or clipped.

  • Avoid images with tiny or hard-to-read text like on a conventional PowerPoint slide. Make sure any text is easily readable.

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