7taps remembers every learner and their devices. Once they answer a quiz - the answers are saved and displayed. That's a way to prevent learners from retaking quizzes and cheating.

In the same way, 7taps remembers the editors of the course. Moreover, 7taps does not display the editor's course activity in Statistics to keep it unbiased.

If you see a quiz answered in your 7taps course, don't worry. It only means the following:

  • you already took the quiz on one of your devices that share the same browser

  • you were logged into 7taps as an editor from one of your devices

Learners that haven't interacted with the course before, see it unanswered. The rule applies to any sharing method (link, QR code, email, SMS, iframe).

If you're not convinced - try opening the page in Incognito mode or on a new device that wasn't signed in to 7taps before. The quiz should appear unanswered πŸ˜‰

Reset a quiz

If you'd like to share a 7taps with learners that previously interacted with this content, you might consider resetting quizzes.

To do that - you can simply go to the Setting of your 7taps piece and click Reset Quiz there. This will delete the user scores for all of the quizzes in this course.

You can also selectively reset stats for a single quiz in a course from the quiz card menu.

Please note - this action cannot be undone.

πŸ’‘ If you're planning to compare quiz results per learner over time, download a report with the previous data before resetting quizzes.

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