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Learn about statistics and analytics in 7taps

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Statistics in 7taps helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your microlearning training by gaining insight into detailed learner performance.

💡If you share your content via email, SMS, Slack, or MS Teams - Statistics will contain data about individual learners. If you share content via a link, Iframe, xAPI, SCORM or QR code - learners will be displayed as anonymous.

Access Statistics

Dive into the Statistics of a course from the main Dashboard or the course's menu.

Read Statistics

Statistics contains three tabs:

  1. Highlights - quick overview of the course data and learner performance.

  2. Learners - detailed learner performance related to the course

  3. Responses - data (answers) collected in the course grouped by learners or card types.



This tab contains an overview of your course data:

  • the number of cards

  • course creation data

  • course sharing date

  • total number of learners the course was shared with


This tab contains information related to the opening of your course:

  • open rate, %

  • total number of learners who opened the course

  • types of devices the content was open on (7taps Enterprise)

  • number of learners that did not open the course


This tab contains information related to the completion of your course:

  • completion rate, %

  • total number of learners who completed the course

  • median completion time (7taps Enterprise )

  • number of learners that opened but did not complete the course

  • number of learners that did not open and did not complete the course

Insights (7taps Enterprise✨)

This tab contains information that can help you define top performers, learners who scored less than 50% in assignments, and learners that completed the course suspiciously fast.

This data help you identify leaders and learners needing assistance or additional learning materials to perform better.

Activity (7taps Enterprise✨)

This graph shows how learners interact with your content over time. The blue line shows the number of learners who opened the course, and the green line shows the number of learners who completed the course.

The graph is displayed in Statistics 24 hours after the sharing of the course.


This page displays individual performance related to the course. You can see how each of your learners interacted with the course. The table shows:

  • course status (completed, opened not)

  • time spent on the course completion (7taps Enterprise )

  • quiz score

  • last activity in the course

You can filter the data by suggested highlights or the sharing channel.

All the results can be downloaded in PDF or .csv

💡To see learner responses to all the assignments in a course - mouse over the last activity of that learner.


This page displays learner responses to forms (open-ended questions), quizzes, and polls.

Group data by card to find out how all learners responded to a specific question:

Group data by learners to learn how a specific person answered all the questions in a course:

If you have any questions or feedback about this feature - drop us a line in the 7taps support chat or at

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