Now you can use 7taps for polls 🥳

To get started, just add a Poll card to your 7taps. You’ll need to choose between our two poll types: standard or anonymous.

Anonymous polls won’t reveal the names of voters (even if you’re sharing your 7taps via email or SMS). And at the top of the poll card, it will say “Anonymous poll” so your users will know that the poll is anonymous. You will see only the results of the poll and vote distribution.

Standard polls will reveal the names of voters (unless you’ve shared the 7taps via a link or QR code). If you’re sharing your 7taps via a link, users will be marked anonymous by default. You will see the results of the poll, which users chose each option, and the vote distribution.

💡 TIP: If you’d like to know the names of your users when sharing your 7taps via a link (and not via email or SMS), then add a Form card before the Basic Poll card. (Of course, it’s still up to the user if they answer honestly).

1. Ask your learner’s name on the Form card

2. Put the Standard Poll card next

3. Share your 7taps via a link

4. See the names of your learners and their votes in Analytics

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