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7taps Learning paths: all you need to know
7taps Learning paths: all you need to know

Learn how to schedule learning content delivery or automate processes at your organization.

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A learning path consists of a series of short learning modules spread out over days or weeks to facilitate spaced practice improving knowledge retention. It can also progressively help build new skills or achieve a defined goal.

With learning paths, you can consistently deliver information (e.g., newsletters), establish individual learning journeys for employees, or automate organizational processes like onboarding.

Learning paths delivery channels

  • Slack

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Email and/or SMS

Learning paths are included in our paid plans: 10 learning paths with 7taps Pro and unlimited learning paths with 7taps Enterprise.

Learning path setup

To launch a learning path you'll need:

  • at least two courses in a path

  • at least one learner in the recipients

  • preferred delivery schedule (weekdays or any day)

  • launch time (right away on any date in the future)

General steps to launch a learning path:

  1. Choose the delivery channel (SMS, Email, Slack, MS Teams)

  2. Add existing courses to your learning path

  3. Choose time intervals between the courses

  4. Adjust sharing messages for the courses if needed (available on 7taps Enterprise)

  5. Add learners that you'd like to share your path with

  6. Choose the launch time for your learning path or save it as a draft

Things you need to know:

  • You can pause and resume your learning paths at any point.

  • You can duplicate learning paths. Learners and curriculum will be copied as well.

  • You can draft a learning path without adding learners right away, but you can't launch the path without this step.

Learning paths in detail


Use the search bar to add courses to the curriculum. Search results will show you all the courses in your workspace including unshared courses aka drafts. When you add draft courses to a learning path and launch the path, courses become automatically shared.

The curriculum displays all the courses added to your learning path. When you add courses to the curriculum you can choose time intervals between the courses.

Enabling delivery on weekdays will ensure that courses are sent out only from Monday to Friday.

The minimum interval between courses is one day. This ensures learners won't get overwhelmed by multiple messages in one day.

All the courses in a learning path will be sent out on different days, but at the same time, following the time of the initial learning path launch.

πŸ’‘ On 7taps Enterprise, you can customize sharing messages for each course when adding courses to a learning path. This custom message will be applied only to the current learning path.

Learning path launch

When launching a learning path, you have two options:

  1. Start now

7taps sends out courses every 15 minutes or 4 times per hour. Your course will be sent out as soon as possible but within 15 minutes. For instance:

  • if you're launching a path at 14.43 - your course will be sent at 14.45

  • if you're launching a path at 14.46 - your course will be sent at 15.00.

All the following courses in the path will be sent at the same time as the first course.

2. Schedule a launch

You can pick any date and hour in the future for your path to be launched. For instance, you can schedule your path to start next Tuesday at 5 pm, but you cannot schedule it for 5.20 pm.

Activity Log

The activity log is a comprehensive record that displays various details about the courses within a learning path:

Delivered courses

The activity log shows the date and time of courses that have already been sent, along with the names of the courses and the learners to whom the courses were delivered.

Scheduled сourses

The activity log displays the date and time of the planned delivery for upcoming courses, including the names of these courses and the learners who will receive them.

Paused Learning Path

If a path is paused, the log will show the date, time, and names of the courses that have been delivered up to the pause, as well as the date and time of the pause itself. It will not display the date and time for the delivery of subsequent courses.

Changes to running learning paths

Changes you can make to running learning paths

  1. You can add, delete, or reorder courses in the learning path. Keep in mind that changes won't affect the courses that were already sent out. We suggest making changes to courses that are yet to be delivered.

  2. You can add or remove learners from the learning path. When new learners are added, they start the path from the very beginning.

  3. If your path is scheduled for a date in the future, you can adjust that date or change the setting to Start now.

Changes you cannot make to running learning paths

  1. Days when your courses are delivered: all days or weekdays.

  2. The time when your courses are delivered. They follow the delivery time of the first course. This is true for all learners in the learning path, initial and newly added ones.

Changes to the curriculum of a running learning path

The curriculum shows only the current content of your learning path. If you make changes to the curriculum, you won't be able to see its previous version.

  1. Removing a delivered course.

    If you remove a course that has already been sent from the Curriculum, the subsequent course will take its place and will be considered as already delivered.

  2. Swapping Courses.

    If you swap a delivered course (A) with an undelivered course (B), then the undelivered course (B) will be considered as delivered, while the previously delivered course (A) will be considered undelivered and will be sent again.

  3. Adding a New Course to an Active and Incomplete Learning Path

    If you add a new course to the end of a learning path that is running but not completed (the last course has not yet been sent), the new course will be delivered to learners according to the existing schedule. Make sure you add this course after the courses that have already been sent, and optionally after the courses that are yet to be sent. The interval after the last sent course should be long enough to ensure your new course will be delivered.

  4. Adding a New Course to a Completed Learning Path

    • If the gap between the last delivered course and the newly added course is set to be less than the number of days that have passed since the last course was sent and the new course was added, the new course will not be delivered to learners.

    • If the gap is set to be more than the number of days that have passed since the last course was delivered, the new course will be delivered to learners.

  5. Increasing the Interval Between Sent Courses
    If you increase the delivery interval between already delivered courses, the previously sent course will be delivered to learners again.

  6. Removing Delivered Courses from the Curriculum
    Even if delivered courses are removed from the Curriculum, they will still be accessible to learners via the links they received.

Adding and removing learners to a running learning path

​Adding new learners

  • If a new learner is added after the first course of the Learning Path has been delivered, they will start receiving courses according to the Curriculum schedule, from the first course, from the next day.

  • If a new learner is added before the delivery time of the first course, they will start receiving courses according to the initial schedule.

Removing learners

If learners were removed from a Learning Path, they would not receive any new courses. However, any courses that were already delivered will remain accessible via the links they received.

Frequently Asked Questions πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

What happens when I pause and resume my learning path?

When you pause your learning path, courses that have not been sent out yet, won't be sent to your learners. Once you resume the path, the courses will be sent out.


  1. You launched a learning path and paused it right away. None of the courses will be sent out. Once you resume the path, the first course will be sent out within 15 minutes.

  2. You paused a learning path after the first course was sent out at 5 pm. You resumed the path some other day at 6 pm after the second course was supposed to be sent. The second course will be sent the next day at the initially scheduled time - 5 pm.

Can I disable access to a course that was already shared in a Learning Path?

You can locate that course in your dashboard, go to the Sharing menu, and disable sharing of the course. Learners who had a link to that course won't be able to access it anymore.

How do I share a learning path via Slack in 7taps?

This feature is available on 7taps Enterprise. Only a team owner or a license owner (if you have an individual license) can enable Slack sharing.

As a team owner, you can connect Slack in the sharing menu of any 7taps course. Go to a course -> click Share -> click the Slack Tab -> click Connect.

Your Slack administrator will automatically receive a request to approve 7taps as a trusted app for Slack. They need to approve that request.

Once approved, you will be able to send out 7taps content via Slack. Courses will be delivered through the 7taps app in Slack to each person individually.

How do I share a learning path via Microsoft Teams in 7taps?

This feature is available on 7taps Enterprise.

Here's a simple guide to help you connect Microsoft Teams to 7taps.

Each team member would need to connect their MS Teams account to 7taps to be able to send out courses or learning paths.

Once connected, courses in a path will be delivered from the personal MS Teams account of the sender.

Other team members can't edit users in learning paths launched with MS Teams by someone else on the team.

Can team members edit, modify, or manage my learning paths?

Team members can edit and manage your existing learning paths, except those created via MS Teams.

What happens to learning paths created by a team member if we remove that person from the team?

When a team member is removed from a team, all their content is automatically transferred to the team owner to ensure a seamless transition for running learning paths. However, any learning paths involving MS Teams of the removed team member will be paused and will require your attention.

If you want to remove a team member together with their content in your shared team space, email

Need help? Email

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