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How to share 7taps via Microsoft Teams
How to share 7taps via Microsoft Teams

A simple guide to connecting your MS Teams workspace with 7taps

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Sharing with Microsoft Teams is included in the 7taps Enterprise subscription. This feature enables you to distribute microlearning content seamlessly within the workflow, reaching your learners exactly where they are.

How it works

By linking your MS Teams account with 7taps, you allow 7taps to share content directly with your colleagues via direct messages. Courses, folders, or Learning Paths will be sent to the chosen members of your workspace from your account.

If you are part of a Team in 7taps, the integration with MS Teams will not be automatically enabled for everyone. Each team member has the option to individually connect their MS Teams profile to 7taps if they wish to use this method of sharing.

This integration has been approved by Microsoft and is 100% secure. 7taps does not access any information from your MS Teams workspace, nor does it send anything other than the content you opt to share.

How to connect MS Teams to 7taps

  1. Go to the Sharing menu of the content you'd like to send through MS Teams ->
    Open the MS Teams tab -> Click Connect MS Teams.

2. Sign in to your Microsoft workspace in the pop-up window.

3. Review the list of permissions that 7taps requests:

  • If you have the option to consent on behalf of your organization, that's the final step! Click Accept.

  • If you do not have the right to approve requests to the MS Teams space, click Request Approval. To facilitate the process, contact your MS Teams admin or the IT department. Once done, you'll be able to proceed with sharing 7taps through your MS Teams account.

How to approve access to your MS Teams space

  • If your organization has the admin consent workflow set up, your MS Teams workspace administrators will automatically receive an email notification for the approval request.

  • If your IT administrators do not receive automatic notifications, here is a Microsoft Guide that will help.

Once the 7taps app is approved by your organization, all the other members of your 7taps Team can instantly connect 7taps to their MS Teams accounts.

How to share 7taps content via Microsoft Teams

Once you successfully connect your MS Teams account to 7taps, you can see your MS Teams members in the 7taps Sharing Menu of your courses, folders, and Learning Paths. Choose colleagues you want to share your content with and click Send.

Your colleagues will receive a message from you with the link to the content in your MS Teams workspace. You will be able to track your colleagues' progress in Statistics.

πŸ’‘ When sharing your content, you can customize the sharing message.

If you have any questions about custom domain settings in 7taps, please email

If you have any security-related questions, please refer to

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