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Troubleshoot Custom Domain Setup
Troubleshoot Custom Domain Setup

If your custom domain setup is not yet complete, this article will help you figure out why.

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If you tried configuring a custom domain for your 7taps content, but the setup wasn't complete, let's look over the info you provided.

Please go to 7taps -> Menu on the top right -> Custom domains to check if any of the following scenarios apply:

  1. You or your IT Team haven't updated the DNS settings with your hosting service provider
    If you have access to the DNS editor, read this article to complete the setup. If you don't have access to your hosting service's admin panel, involve your IT team. They will need the article and the IP address shown in the setup window in 7taps.

  2. You missed the dot in your subdomain name
    A subdomain should always have a dot before the domain name - like (not

  3. You don't own the domain you entered in 7taps
    You need to own the domain to link it to 7taps. Usually, your domain is the address of your website, like However, you can invent any subdomain name, such as, which is exactly what you need for the setup.

  4. You're attempting to redirect your website (e.g., to 7taps
    This is not advisable because it will cause your website to lead directly to 7taps. Instead, use a subdomain, for example, This approach keeps your existing website operational while displaying your 7taps content on the subdomain.

  5. You're trying to redirect a subdomain from another LMS to 7taps
    This is not possible, as your LMS provider holds exclusive rights to their domain. Ensure you use a subdomain on a domain that your organization owns and can configure.

  6. Your DNS provider automatically added your domain to your record

    Some DNS providers automatically add your high-level domain to all new records. Check here that your record doesn't look like

If this information is not helpful - please contact us at We'll help you figure out what the issue is.

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