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When you are ready to assign a course, generate a link and share it with learners via any channel — email, Slack, Whatsapp, corporate messenger, you name it.

Note: sharing via link gives access to view the course. People who you share a course with will not be able to enter your 7taps admin console, edit or delete the course, view the report, or perform any other administrator’s actions. You remain the only admin of the 7taps course and account.

By default, your courses are available through a secure link on the domain. You can add a custom domain (e.g., or subdomain ( to replace the 7taps domain. To do this, click on the menu icon in the top right corner, then select 'Custom Domains' and follow the instructions. Please note that the Custom Domains feature is available on the 7taps Enterprise plan only.

Do the learners have to sign in or install any app?

No. Sharing via link is super convenient for learners because they don't have to sign in to 7taps or download any app. The link opens in the recipient's browser, whether mobile or desktop.

Can I share a course outside my organization?


There are multiple cases when you would prefer to use sharing via link, here are just a few of them:

  • Providing training for a large team

  • Sharing a course outside your organization, e.g. training for resellers or for customers

  • Sharing with a small team of colleagues

  • Sharing an onboarding course for new staff

  • Sharing information for fun 🎉

When not to use it

Sharing via link is not a good idea when you need a detailed view on learner performance. Unlike sharing via email, SMS, Slack or MS Teams, you don't get a report on learner stats when sharing via link.

Are there any other ways to share the course?

Yes, multiple ways - you can share your content via email, Slack, SMS, or MS Teams.
In this case, every recipient will get a message with a unique link to the course. It will allow you to see a report on how each employee performs on this course.

Sharing via link is secure. However, you should keep in mind that 7taps doesn't require learners to sign in, so where a recipient gets a link to the course and then for whatever reason decides to post it to social media, everyone with this link will be able to open the course.

If your course is shared with an unintended audience and you want to stop this, you should delete the course. After you delete the course, no one (including yourself!) will be able to access it anymore.

If you think you have a security issue, or something going wrong with the course, sharing, or otherwise let us know at

This is done for security purposes. By using long links, random characters, a mixture of upper and lowercase, we eliminate the unlikely event that someone could 'guess' the link to your course by randomly typing those characters.

Yes, you can. Read more about sharing via email, Slack, SMS, or MS Teams.

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