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Display your 7taps content on your branded domain

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7taps Microlearning is a learning management system. By default, training content built with 7taps is available via secure links on the domain.

As part of the 7taps Enterprise plan, you can add a custom domain (e.g. or subdomain ( to replace the 7taps domain in links to your training content with your branded domain.

For instance, your domain is, and you want to display your 7taps training content there. You can choose options like:




  • etc.

You can set up only one custom domain for all your 7taps content.

❗️If you use your main website as a custom domain, your website will lead to 7taps.

Custom Domain Requirements

To set up a Custom Domain for your 7taps content, you need the following:

  • A domain purchased and registered with a domain host.

  • Administrator access to your hosting service’s admin panel.

  • 7taps Enterprise Subscription, and the Team admin access or assistance.

If you already have your own website, you already own a domain. If you do not have administrator access to the hosting service's admin panel, you will need help from your IT Team.

❗️If you do not have a custom domain, you cannot register or create one via 7taps.

Connect your custom domain in 3 steps

1. Add a custom domain name in 7taps

  • Open the main menu on the top right. Click "Custom Domains" and start the setup.

  • Enter your domain or subdomain name for 7taps content. For instance:

Custom domains should be written in lowercase:, not

2. Update your DNS settings with your hosting service provider

  • Go to your hosting service’s admin panel and find the DNS editor.

  • Create an A-record for the domain name you chose in the previous step - e.g., and point it to the IP address shown in the setup window in 7taps.

Some DNS providers automatically add your high-level domain to all new records. Check here that your record doesn't look like

💡To make it easier, we collected help articles for DNS settings from popular domain providers below. Find yours in the list or follow the general instructions.

❗️If you enabled SSO for your 7taps content, the custom domain setup will affect it. Please contact to update your SSO settings timely.

3. Wait for a confirmation email from 7taps 🥳

It might take up to 48 hours for DNS settings to update. Once it's done, we'll inform you via email that your custom domain has been successfully set up.

We provide your custom domain with automatic encryption (SSL) 🔒

We care for secure access to your content. At no extra cost to you, we create an SSL certificate for your custom domain once it's fully propagated to 7taps.

Once, the custom domain is active, all new 7taps links will be generated using the new address. Your old 7taps links won't be changed automatically. If you want to change the sharing links of your older content, please re-share that content.

Links to popular domain providers' help articles

Every domain host is set up differently. Please contact your domain host support for questions directly related to managing the DNS settings if you don't find them in the list:

You can also try following the general instructions:

  1. Enter the hosting service’s admin panel.

  2. Locate the DNS (Domain Name Settings) for your domain. It could be under a manage domain menu.

  3. Select to create a new DNS record. It could be called Advanced DNS.

  4. Click Add a Record. Choose the record type: A.

  5. Enter the domain name that you set up in 7taps, e.g.

  6. Enter the IP address shown in the setup window in 7taps.

  7. Leave the default TTL configuration. If you need to choose one - we recommend setting TTL to auto (300 seconds).

  8. Save changes.

  9. Wait for the email from 7taps that your custom domain is now set up. It might take up to 48 hours for DNS settings to update.

💡 7taps Support won't be able to consult you on the DNS settings of your domain provider, but here's a template you can send to their support team:

An Email Template For Contacting Your Domain Provider Support

Subject: How to change DNS records


I have a question related to my domain -
I would like to set up a sub-domain for the content I built in 7taps, a Learning Management System. Here is the 7taps guide to make it possible:

I need to add DNS records for my domain.
The A-type record for the subdomain, which would point to IP address: insert what's shown in the setup window in 7taps.

Could you help me with that?

If you have any questions about custom domain settings in 7taps, please email

If you have any security-related questions, please refer to

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