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When you are ready to share your 7taps content with your employees or team, you can enter their emails in the 'email invite' section. Each of the recipients indicated will then receive an email with a unique link to your 7taps asset. You will be able to form a report on how each employee engaged with the content:

Note: sharing via email gives access to view your content. People who you share it with will not be able to enter your 7taps admin console, edit or delete any content, view the report, or perform any other administrator’s actions. You remain the only admin of the 7taps account.

Sharing via email is currently only available for Pro and Enterprise users. If you think this feature is not available to you by mistake, tell us at

Do my employees have to sign in or install any app to view the content?

No. Sharing via email is super convenient for the learner because they don’t have to sign in to 7taps, or download an app. The link opens in the recipient's browser, whether mobile or desktop.

Can I share my content outside my organization?


Are there any limits on how I can share with email?

7taps Pro plan includes 2,000 email shares per month. But if you want to share your content with a larger amount of people, email us at Alternatively, you can share via link, which doesn't have any limitations.

2,000 shares per month means you generate 2,000 outbound emails. It could be 1 course shared with 2,000 employees or 10 courses shared with 200 employees. Each outbound email counts.

When to use sharing via email?

There are multiple cases when you would prefer to use sharing via email, here are a few examples:

  • onboarding new hires

  • delivering training to your employees

  • delivering content outside your organization, e.g. to your customers or partners

When not to use it

In some cases, you might not need to share the content with specific individuals. In this case, consider sharing via link, which is faster and more convenient.

Is sharing via email secure?

Sharing via email is secure. However, you should keep in mind that 7taps doesn't require learners to sign in, so where a recipient gets a link to your content and then for whatever reason decides to post it to social media, everyone with this link will be able to access 7taps content.

In the event that your content is shared with an unintended audience and you want to stop this, you can disable sharing of your 7taps content.

If you think you have a security issue or something is wrong with your 7taps content, sharing, or otherwise let us know at

Yes, you can. Read more about sharing via a link, SMS, QR Code, MS Teams, iFrame, and Slack.

Are there any restrictions on email sharing?

Yes, there are:

1. You must have explicit consent from your contacts to receive emails. Please don’t send emails to anyone who did not agree to receive communication from you or who’s not a part of your organization.

2. Before uploading new emails to 7taps, please

  • check your email list and remove any incorrect or out-of-date emails. Only valid and working emails are allowed in the system.

  • verify emails using third-party tools OR simply email those people and check if you're getting an 'email does not exist error message.

    After that, you can enter the list into 7taps.

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