Sharing via Slack
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Sharing with Slack is included in the 7taps Enterprise subscription. Only the team owner of a corporate 7taps account can turn on the integration.

Once you are ready to share your 7taps content with your employees or team, go to

Share -> Slack -> Connect Slack.

After that, you will be able to choose Slack members or channels in your workspace and share your content with them. Each recipient will receive a message from a 7taps app in Slack. You will be able to form a report on how each employee engages with your content.

If you don't have admin rights to connect 7taps to your Slack workspace, 7taps will instantly send your workspace's admin a connection request. After the admin approves the request, go to 7taps and click Connect Slack again.

If your approval request is still pending, please reach out to your Slack Workspace Admin.

​Share 7taps content in Slack channels

By default, when you connect Slack to 7taps, only your public channels become visible in 7taps. You can enable sharing in private channels by adding the 7taps app to them.

Slack channels became available recently. If you don't see any channels in 7taps, please ask the team owner of your corporate 7taps account to reconnect Slack.

Share 7taps content in private Slack channels

Once 7taps is connected to your Slack workspace, there are two ways to add the 7taps app to a private Slack channel.

1. Use a command

In the private channel that you'd like to see connected to 7taps type in:

/invite @7taps

To remove the 7taps app from that channel type in:

/remove @7taps

2. Add a channel directly in the 7taps Slack app

  1. In Slack, go to the homepage, scroll down to the list of added apps, and find 7taps.

  2. Right-click on the 7taps app and choose View app details. You'll see this window:

  3. Click Add this app to a channel. Choose the private channel you'd like to be visible in the sharing settings of your content in 7taps.

    That's it! Your private channel is now visible in 7taps to all the team members in your 7taps workspace. Even if other 7taps editors are not part of the private channel in Slack, they can easily push 7taps content there.

You can also share your 7taps content via email, link, SMS, MS Teams, iFrame, and QR Code.

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