Sharing via QR code
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As soon as you are ready to share your content with the world or a group of learners, enable sharing and choose the option you prefer β€” a link, email, SMS, Slack, iFrame, MS Teams or QR code.

QR code allows you to place your 7taps content outside of the digital space. You can print a sticker and put it wherever your learners are - offices, stores, factories, universities - literally anywhere.
Our favorite use case features 7taps QR codes on surfaces around the Congress Avenue Bridge (Austin, TX) and tells people about bats.

Do the learners have to sign in or install any app?

No. Sharing via link is super convenient for learners because they don't have to sign in to 7taps or download any app. The QR code scanned with a camera or a QR-scan app opens a link in the recipient's mobile browser.

Can I share 7taps content outside my organization?


When to use sharing via QR codes

There are multiple cases when you would prefer to use sharing via QR code, here are just a few of them:

  • Providing training on the spot: in a lab, a store, or a museum

  • Explaining how a device or equipment works

  • Raising awareness or providing more info about something

  • Engaging your audience at an event

  • Placing information for fun πŸŽ‰

When not to use it

Don't use QR codes on pages that people might watch on their mobile. They won't be able to scan the code that way.
Sharing via QR code is also not a good idea when you need a detailed view on learner performance. Unlike sharing via email, when sharing via QR you don't get a report on learner stats.

Is there another way to share the content and track learner performance?

Yes, you can track learner performance when sharing via email, SMS, MS Teams or Slack. In this case, every recipient gets a unique link to your content. You will be able to see a report on how each individual employee engages with the content. Read more about sharing via email, SMS, and Slack.

Is sharing via a QR code secure?

Sharing via QR code is secure. However, you should keep in mind that 7taps doesn't require learners to sign in, so where a recipient gets a link to your content and then for whatever reason decides to post it to social media, everyone with this link will be able to open your 7taps asset.
In the event that your content is shared with an unintended audience and you want to stop this, you should disable sharing of the content. If you think you have a security issue, or something is wrong with the course, sharing, or otherwise let us know at

Can I share the same content via other channels, too?

Yes, you can. Read more about sharing via email, link, iFrame, SMS, MS Teams, and Slack.

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