Sharing via SMS
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When you are ready to share your content with your employees or team, go to

Share -> SMS and enter phone numbers that you'd like to send your content to. Each of the recipients indicated will then receive an SMS with a unique link to your 7taps asset. You can form a report on how each employee engages with the content.

Please use phone numbers in the following format: +12035242934

  • Country codes are mandatory

  • Dashes or other symbols are not accepted

Press Enter or comma to separate entries.
You can import a CSV file with all the learner data using Learner Management (available on 7taps Enterprise).

Sharing via SMS is currently only available for Pro and Enterprise users. If you think this feature is not available to you by mistake, tell us at

Can I share the same 7taps content via other channels?

Yes, you can. Read more about sharing via email, link, QR Code, MS Teams, iFrame, and Slack.

Are there any limits for SMS sharing?

Yes, there are. Limits depend on your subscription and the number of editors assigned to a Team in 7taps. Please contact us with any questions at

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