You can share any 7taps folder if it contains more than two 7taps that are not empty.

To share a folder - click Share and choose one of the sharing options: link, QR code, SMS, email, or Slack.

If a folder is shared - users will see everything that this folder contains. Make sure all your content within a folder is ready to be viewed.

If you move a 7taps to a shared folder it will immediately become shared too. If your content is unfinished, your end-users will see it that way.

A few things you need to know

  • If you duplicate a 7taps within a shared folder the copy will become shared too. To work on a copy of any 7taps from a shared folder - remove that copy from the shared folder. You can put it back when your 7taps is ready.

  • You cannot disable sharing of any 7taps in a shared folder. To stop sharing a 7taps - please take it out of the shared folder or disable sharing of the entire folder.

  • If you decide to stop sharing your folder - everyone who had a link to access it will be seeing an error message.

  • If you use password protection for any 7taps in your shared folder - users will need that password to access the password-protected 7taps.

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