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Everything about quizzes
Everything about quizzes
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Besides forms (open-ended question cards) and polls, you can add a multiple-choice quiz with up to 4 options. Use quizzes for a quick knowledge check or present new info in a quiz format. You can even create an entire course of quizzes for a longer test. Either way, Quizzes are a great way to boost engagement!

Set up a quiz

By default, there’s only one correct answer. Multiple correct answers can be enabled in the settings at the bottom of the Quiz card. Correct answers are indicated with a green checkmark ✅

💡Turn your quiz into a checklist by marking all quiz options as correct.

You can add a general comment to reinforce the key message you want to convey. This will appear immediately after a learner picks any of the answers. You can also enable multiple comments for each answer in the card settings.

Add a background image

In the settings at the bottom of the Quiz card, you can find an image icon. Use it to change the background image of your quiz card. You can choose graphics from our in-built libraries (GIPHY, Unsplash, Shutterstock) or upload your own.

Find the answers

After you shared your 7taps with a quiz, you can see your learners' quiz score in Statistics. You can find the Statistics button in the menu of your course or on the dashboard.

Reset a quiz (Enterprise plan)

If you'd like to share a 7taps with learners that previously interacted with this content, you might consider resetting quizzes.

To do that - you can simply go to the Setting of your 7taps piece and click Reset Quiz there. This will delete the learner scores for all of the quizzes in this course.

You can also selectively reset stats for a single quiz in a course from the quiz card menu.

Please note - this action cannot be undone.

💡 If you plan to compare quiz results per learner over time, download a report with the previous data before resetting quizzes.

Why is my quiz prepopulated?

Find out here.

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